ASC Youth Developmental (Soccer) League

Academy Sports Complex (ASC) Youth Developmental League offers quality soccer instruction!

Players will be taught the fundamental technical skills of soccer with a focus on foot skills, passing, dribbling, spatial awareness and small sided games.

Each Academy Sports session will focus on skills development. Players will be placed in small (appropriate age) groups to maximize their rate of success, build confidence, and provide a fun, yet challenging experience.

Our staff members, led by the League Director, will demonstrate skills and will provide individual attention to promote players’ improvements.

ASC’s focus is to provide players an opportunity to develop the technical fundamentals in a relaxed and fun environment by:

  • Assisting young players develop foot skills to increase ball control though individual drills and fun, challenging games.
  • Helping them increase agility and coordination.
  • Introducing players to the basic rules of the game.
  • Providing a competitive opportunity for players to apply new skills in game situations.
  • Fostering a love for the game by sharing our own enthusiasm and passion for soccer.

Players will be organized into teams and encouraged to apply their skills under game like conditions supervised by ASC staff members.

ASC Youth Developmental (Soccer) League is designed for the recreational to intermediate player ages 7 - 12. Coaches instruct players to help them become comfortable with the ball in a fun and energetic environment, the players will have a short break before continuing with a developmental small sided game.


June: 12,17,19,24, 2019
(Women’s World Cup Break / July 4th Break June 26th to July 5th)
July: 8,10,15,17,22,24, 2019

Free Play Fridays: June 21 & July 26, 2019

Ages: 7 – 10 Boys and Girls

Groups: (Coed) Age 7 - 8    |    Age 9-10

  • 30 minutes Fundamental Technical Training
  • 25 minutes small-sided games
  • 5-minute review + tip/info. of the day

Monday & Wednesday 1 hour sessions
beginning @ 5:30 & 6:45 PM

Price: $165 - 10 (1 hour) Sessions

Ages: 11 – 12 Boys and Girls

Groups: Age 11-12

  • 35 minutes Parisi Speed School
  • 35 minutes Fundamental Technical Training
  • 30 minutes small-sided games

Monday & Wednesday 1.5 hour sessions
beginning @ 7:30 PM

Price: $195 - 10 (1.5 hour) Sessions

Location: Academy Sports Complex, 3527 Lincoln Highway, Thorndale, PA 19372

Call: 484-288-8033 or Inquire Online